Pension fund with venture capacity

§ ABC Demo Fund

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Last Update: Today
Performance, USD
Performance, ETH
APR, USD: 20.85%
APR, ETH: -15.71%
Upside: $519,980 (30.95%)
T&M Spent: 14.23%

Objective: The ABC Pension Demo Fund is designed as a practical experiment to demonstrate that significant enhancements to pension returns are achievable with minimal effort and time. This initiative serves as a model for pension fund management, exploring innovative investment strategies in the web3 space.

Investment strategy: venture, qualitative, DCA.
Investment period: 10+ years.
Financial goal: to outperform the S&P500 index.
The fund is replenished monthly.
Interested yield reinvested at least once a month.
Underlying asset: ETH.

ABC and benchmarks intermediate results comparison, %

Transparency and Auditability: The fund maintains a commitment to 100% transparency and auditability. Its structure and operations are open for review, serving as a replicable model for similar ventures.

Net Asset Value (NAV)

Professional Research Approach: The ABC Pension Demo Fund adheres to a stringent research-based investment paradigm, eschewing client acquisition narratives in favor of empirical evidence and fiduciary prudence. The fund’s ethos is anchored in the meticulous analysis of market dynamics, the scrupulous evaluation of web3 assets, and steadfast adherence to investment orthodoxy. By employing advanced financial models and risk assessment frameworks, the fund exemplifies a paradigm shift in pension fund management, underscoring its commitment to transparency, auditability, and replicability within the venture capital landscape.