Pension fund with venture capacity

§ Evaluation Criteria

Each project under consideration for the Demo Fund undergoes a rigorous initial assessment and audit by portfolio managers. This includes a detailed review of various project aspects to ascertain alignment with the fund’s strategic objectives.

General Criteria:

Projects considered for inclusion in the ABC Pension Demo Fund portfolio must meet the following refined criteria:

Any project that does not meet these criteria will generally be excluded from consideration. However, portfolio managers retain the discretion to make exceptions for projects that display extraordinary potential or distinct value.

Parameters for Evaluation:

The evaluation of potential projects for the portfolio is conducted through a multifaceted lens, combining the revised general criteria with specific market and technical aspects:

  1. Team Expertise and Execution Capability: Primary focus on the team’s qualifications, experience in web3 technologies, and their proven ability to deliver on project objectives.
  2. Third-Party Support and Market Acceptance: Assessment of support from reputable third-party participants, including industry experts, investors, and user communities, along with market acceptance indicators.
  3. Product Innovation and Market Positioning: Evaluation of the project’s technological uniqueness or distinctive product features. This includes market size, competitive landscape analysis, and growth potential.
  4. Technology Audit and Development Plans: A thorough technical audit of the current state of the project’s technology, development roadmap, and its scalability prospects.
  5. Sustainability and Longevity Potential: Analysis of the project’s potential for long-term sustainability, influenced by the technology’s robustness, product scalability, and ongoing team and supporter involvement.
  6. Economic and Financial Health: Examination of the project’s economic model, including funding sources, revenue streams, expense management, and overall financial stability. Detailed analysis of tokenomics, encompassing initial distribution, stakeholder structure, and historical price movements.
  7. Comprehensive Risk Assessment: In-depth assessment of the project’s risk profile, including market-wide risks, technological risks, competition risks, and specific risks inherent to the project.

Each project is scored based on these parameters, adjusted for the dynamic coefficient of risk realization for each. A cumulative score determines the shortlist of candidates for the fund’s portfolio.

The final decision on inclusion of an asset in the portfolio is contingent upon its Risk/Return Ratio, which synthesizes the evaluated parameters within the overarching investment strategy of the fund.