Pension fund with venture capacity

§ Strategy

Fund’s mission: to multiply the value of the funding currency through investments made.
Investment target: to outperform established benchmarks.
Investment horizon: 10 years.


The ABC Pension Demo Fund is strategically positioned as an experimental platform to evaluate the integration of venture sector and web3 investments into pension fund portfolios. This initiative aims to leverage emerging technologies to provide empirical data on asset diversification and portfolio performance enhancement in the context of pension fund management.


The objective of the ABC Pension Demo Fund is to conduct a methodical, 10-year analysis of the impact of incorporating web3 and venture sector assets into pension portfolios. It serves as a practical case study, offering data-driven insights rather than investment advisories, emphasizing its role as a scientific examination over traditional investment purposes.

Investment Plan

The investment strategy of the ABC Pension Demo Fund is developed with a focus on its experimental mandate and the evolving risk profile over its operational life:

  1. Risk Tolerance Adjustment: Initiating with an aggressive growth stance and gradually transitioning to a risk-averse strategy as maturity approaches.
  2. Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA) Implementation: Consistent capital injections via a DCA approach will be employed to mitigate volatility exposure.
  3. Active Management and Rebalancing: The portfolio will be actively managed, with periodic rebalancing to respond to market shifts and technological evolutions in the web3 arena.
  4. Automation in Investment Decisions: A central element is the exploration and refinement of automated investment decision-making processes, incorporating advanced analytics and algorithmic tools.

Audit and Transparency

The ABC Pension Demo Fund maintains full auditability from inception, assuring complete transparency in its operational and investment decisions.

Risk Management

Robust risk management protocols are integral to the fund's strategy, encompassing market trend analysis, technology evolution tracking, and regulatory landscape monitoring to manage and mitigate investment risks effectively.

Ethical and Regulatory Compliance

Although a demonstrative entity, the fund adheres to a simulated yet comprehensive set of compliance and ethical standards, mirroring real-world financial operational mandates. This approach ensures adherence to legal regulations and ethical investment standards, acting as a blueprint for real-world application.

Target portfolio structure for 2023/24

Current structure: